Best Wrestling Shoe Reviews 2015

Top Wrestling Shoes – The Best Brands and Advice

asics 9Wrestling is a serious sport and the technology in wrestling shoes has come a long way. We provide expert advice on the best wrestling shoes available so that you can choose the right product for your wrestling career or sport. Lets start with the top brands and why and then discuss the different features and why they are important. Note that the shoes we cover here are also suitable as boxing shoes or for weight training shoes. There is a lot going on in the wrestling sport and keeping up with technology and common practice can be hard to do, we follow team USA here..

Best Wrestling Shoe Features

Synthetic material and mesh is very important in a wrestling shoe, it helps keep the weight down for the shoe as a whole but it also allows flexibility of the shoe and strength in different directions. What this means is that you have greater flexibility with your foot within the shoe but the shoes is strong enough such that it does not break prematurely or become uncomfortable when under load. Rubber soles are an absolute must, rubber is a fantastic product and is excellent fro providing grip when you need it. For wrestling, as you know, grip is extremely vital in a contest. Ensure that the wrestling shoes you select have rubber soles, and good quality rubber too.

Asymmetrical lace arrangement is common with wrestling shoes but not necessarily required. It provides some additional comfort to some users but is a personal preference as opposed to a feature that we would endorse in all wrestling shoes. Synthetic and mesh upper ankle support is obviously required for protecting your ankles. Once again, keeping the wrestling shoe light with synthetic material.

Integrated lace covers are a good idea and your wrestling opponent will thank you for it as they are less likely to be scratched or cut in the process. Integrated lace covers are also good for grip when you are on the mat as its one less thing that can get between the rubber on the soles of your wrestling shoes and the mat itself. You want maximum grip and minimum interference. A split synthetic sole can be a good option for flexibility of the wrestling shoes. If the sole is not split then the material has to manage that amount of flexibility naturally, however a split sole can provide even more flexibility. If you find your existing wrestling shoes a bit restrictive then a split sole is definitely the way to go.

Not marking the surface is a must, that is why the top products we have suggested below will not mark any regulation surface and you can rest assured that they are good quality.Weight of the shoes is a personal preference as well, some professional wrestlers like heavier shoes whereas others like lighter shoes. In general you want wrestling shoes that are comfortable and perform well when you are on the mat. Please take note of the weights of the different models we have suggested but it should not be the primary method of selecting a product.

Grip on the wrestling mat is achieved with force and good material properties on the sole of the wrestling shoe. Always go for rubber if you have the option. When sweat and dirt start to get into your shoes its handy to be able to wash them, ensure your shoes are washable and the solution is easy. The strength of stitching is something that is hard to review with new wrestling shoes and for that reason we only recommend good brands that are known to last the test of time.

Asics Wrestling Shoe Reviews

By far, the asics brand has the largest range of wrestling shoes on the market. They are an excellent brand and have some quality products. The best 3 asics wrestling shoes on the market are provided below.

asics 9asics 9ASICS mens split second 9 wrestling shoe (#1)

  • Synthetic and mesh manufacture
  • Very good quality rubber sole with split synthetic
  • Asymmetrical lace closure on the upper and an integrated lace cover
  • Sizes 6.5-18 US and Retail for $45 – $85 depending on the size and color

asics matflexASICS mens matflex 4 wrestling shoe (#2)

  • Full length rubber gum outsole
  • An integrate lace holder pocket
  • Very lightweight and good flexibility
  • Breathable materials and good traction
  • Sizes 6.5 – 14 US and Retail for $48-$62 depending on the size and color

asics aggressorASICS mens agressor 2 wrestling shoe (#3)

  • Textile construction and stylish look
  • Rubber sle, lace entry and ankle strap feature
  • Treaded rubber on the side and well padded upper tongue
  • Sizes 6 – 15 US and retail for $90 – $120 depending on the size and color


Adidas Wrestling Shoe Reviews

Adidas have a great range of wrestling shoes available and a rich history of providing quality sports gear. They are an excellent brand and have some quality products.

pretereo 2Adidas mens pretereo.2 wrestling shoe

  • Leather and textile manufacture with a rubber sole
  • Hard wearing outsole with adidas design
  • Laced with adjustable velcro ankle strap
  • Sizes 7 – 13 US and retail for $50 – $65 depending on the size and color

mens combatAdidas wrestling mens combat speed 4 wrestling shoe

  • Mesh with an overlay mix design
  • Very good breath-ability with single layer mesh
  • Flexibility with TPU support stripes
  • Leather outsole
  • Wedge attack stance assistance
  • Sizes 5 – 15 US and retail for $52 – $100 depending on the size and color

ad varner shoesAdidas wrestling adult unisex Adizero Varner wrestling shoes

  • Very light weight upper design
  • Awesome grip with a new design outsole
  • Very soft ‘broken in’ feel from new
  • Sizes 5 – 15 US and retail for $92 – $130 depending on the size and color


Brute Wrestling Shoe Reviews – Kids wrestling shoes

brute xplode wrestling shoesBrute Xplode 2 youth Wrestling Shoes

  • Mesh and velcro closure at the top
  • Durable and breathable
  • Good flexibility and traction
  • Sizes 1 – 13 US kids and retail for $36 – $56 depending on the size and color