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Marin County's Premier Wrestling Club

Practice Tues/Thurs 3:30-6:00PM

Ruby Scott Gym Tamalpais High School

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    Top Level Coaching

    Tam High Coach Preston Picus has more than 15 years of coaching experience. Former D-1 wrestler at Columbia University, he's coached multiple state champs, state qualifiers and placers, including many college level athletes at Cal-State Bakersfield and Cal-Poly. 

    Assistant Coach Peter Puccio has many years of experience coaching Tam High and various clubs in the area. After placing 3rd at state in Washington, Coach Puccio went on to a successful junior college career. 

    Focus on Safety and Learning

    New wrestlers can expect a fun environment with a focus on fundamentals. More competitive wrestlers can hone their skills and improve their technique. 

    Wrestling Makes You Better

    "Once you've wrestled, everything in else in life is easy." -- Dan Gable 

    Join a wrestling club to get tougher, learn body control and movement, have fun with friends and challenge yourself in competitions. 


    1. Do you have to wear tights? 

    - No. 

    2. Can anyone join the club? 

    - Yes, club is open to all middle school and high school students. Some 5th graders considered on an individual basis. 

    3. Are there any fees? 

    - A $30 monthly donation is recommended, but we won't turn anyone away for lack of funds. We just need to cover basic costs. 

    4. What if I want to be a state champion? 

    - You're in the right place? 

    5. What if I'm kind of interested in wrestling but I don't know anything about it?

    - Come on by, you'll love it. 

    6. Don't wrestlers get seriously injured all the time? 

    - No. Wrestling is less injurious than basketball, cheerleading, football, and many other sports. 

    7. Will I have to lose weight or starve myself? 

    - No. 

    8. Will people be mean? Should I be intimidated? 

    -Absolutely not. We play dodgeball often. We never bully. Come on by! 


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    Warrior Wrestling Club Marin

    700 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, California 94941, United States

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    Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-6pm 

    Open in March, close in November